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Hello, there! Today we will study Spanish by learning the word “Cerebro”, which means Brain in Spanish. Why is this word important? Okay, in the first place, because is the part of the body you use to study, right? Besides, the word “Cerebro” or its synonyms are present in several phrases and expressions. Let’s get started!

Another words to say Brain in Spanish

Besides of the word Cerebro we also use another words to refer to the organ that makes you think!

Mente (literally mind)

Coco (very common in Mexico)

Cabeza (literally head)

Marote (very common in Argentina)

Seso (this word is widely used when it refers to the filling of some foods that have brain, such as ravioli with brain)

Phrases that includes the word Cerebro or its synonimous

For example, to be a very smart person is called “Ser un cerebrito”. “Rompecoco” is a game where you have to move the pieces in a certain order (in English they call it “Taken”). Also, “Rompecoco” is very often used to express that someone is very annoying. “Comerse el coco” literally means “eat your own brain”, but the actual meaning is to worry too much about something.

Learn Spanish with Wanderlust

Okay, that was all for today, remember you can have a trial class! Contact us and start your journey into Spanish world!

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