Days of the Week in Spanish

Days of the Week in Spanish
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Hi, there! Today we will study something very basic and important: the Days of the Week in Spanish. Firstly, we will translate each day and then we will study pronunciation and examples in a phrase. Let’s get started!

Translation of Days of the Week in Spanish

So, now we will translate each day of the week:

Monday = Lunes

Tuesday = Martes

Wednesday = Miércoles

Thursday = Jueves

Friday = Viernes

Important thing: as “Día (day)” is a masculine word (El Día), so every day needs a masculine article. For example: el lunes, el martes, el miércoles, el jueves, el viernes. However, if you need to express the plural of any weekday, you only need to say the article in the plural, but not the day (be careful, this only applies to weekdays): los lunes, los martes, los miércoles, los jueves, los viernes.

How to use weekdays in sentences?

Let’s integrate what we learned into sentences:

El lunes fui a la lavandería

El próximo martes iré a la escuela

Todos los miércoles voy al gimnasio

Me gusta pedir sushi los jueves

Me encontré con mi madre el viernes

Okay, that was all for today! Please remember, you can have one trial lesson with one of our Native Teachers! Contact us today and schedule it! See you soon!

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