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Hello, there. As you know, the verb Ser in Spanish is one of the most important ones, because means “To be“. So, how to conjugate Ser in Spanish is one of the most important things you need to learn. So, let’s get started!

How to conjugate Ser in different tenses

Firstly, let’s say that Ser is an irregular verb, which means that doesn’t follow the rules of the regular verbs. With regular verbs you have the steam of the verb (for example, the steam of the verb Mirar is “Mir”) and you have the endings for each verbal tense (for example, for present tense the ending of first person singular is “o”—> Yo Miro).

But, with Ser this doesn’t happen. So, let’s learn Presente Tense of Indicative of Ser:

Yo soy

Tú eres

Él / Ella / Usted es

Nosotros / Nosotras somos

Ellos / Ellas / Ustedes son

Examples of use:

Yo soy Camila (I’m Camila)

Nosotros somos latinoamericanos (We’re Latin Americans)

Ellos son mis hermanos (They’re my siblings)

Now we’ll see the conjugation of Ser with Pretérito Perfecto Simple (AKA Pretérito Indefinido)

Yo fui

Tú fuiste

Él / Ella / Usted fue

Nosotros / Nosotras fuimos

Ellos / Ellas / Ustedes fueron

And now let’s see some examples of use:

Yo fui astronauta en mi otra vida (I was an astronaut in my other life)

Ellos fueron muy imprudentes y cruzaron el semáforo en rojo (They were very reckless and crossed the red light)

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Let’s see the Pretérito Imperfecto of Indicativo:

Yo era

Tú eras

Él / Ella / Usted era

Nosotros / Nosotras éramos

Ellos / Ellas / Ustedes eran

And now, some examples:

Cuando yo era niña, vivía en Venezuela (When I was a child, I lived in Venezuela)

Tú eras mi mejor amiga en la escuela primaria (You were my best friend in elementary school)

Conjugating Ser in Future Tense

And now we will see Futuro Simple

Yo seré

Tú serás

Él / Ella / Usted será

Nosotros / Nosotras seremos

Ellos / Ellas / Ustedes serán

And, let’s see some examples:

Seré más cuidadoso con este tema (I will be more careful with this topic)

¡Seremos amigas para siempre! (We will be friends forever!)

Okay, that was all for today. Stay tuned for more posts about the Spanish language. Remember, you can write to us today and schedule your trial lesson! See you soon!

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