Learning The Months in Spanish

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The Months of the year in Spanish are twelve easy words that you have to learn right away! Firstly, let’s start with the translation of The Months of the year: Los meses del año. You’ll need these twelve words probably very often if you’re traveling through a Spanish Country. To make a reservation, to plan a date, to say when your birthday is! So, let’s get started!

Learning The Months in Spanish

In Spanish you may find similar some names of the Months. Let’s take a look:

The Months of the year in Spanish

Thins you need to know about the Months

So, let’s start with the differences between English and Spanish. In Spanish, the Months are not written with Capital letters (except the word it’s at the beginning of the sentence). In case you don’t know, this rule applies also to days of the week, nationalities, and languages.

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The gender of the months is masculine. Because the word “Mes” (Month) is a masculine word. So, if you need to say something about a month, have this in mind, you have to say the adjective with masculine gender. For example:

Este fue un enero muy ventoso : This was a very windy January.

And how you say the date in Spanish? Well, the order it’s also different from English. In Spanish, you have to follow this pattern: article + number + of + Month. For example:

Mi cumpleaños es el 10 de agosto : My birthday is August 10.

Well, this was all for today. We are Wanderlust Spanish and we have a trial class for you! Contact us today and start your Spanish journey! See you in the next post!

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