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Our teachers are enthusiastics, cheerfuls and dynamic. They love travel and they will show you all about Spanish. It is important to know who you will have the class with, and more importantly, you can choose!




Highlighted Review:

Camila is an excellent tutor. Tailored the classes to fit my level and shared lots of resources for me to practice outside of class (TV, movies, books, etc based on my interests). Also gave me tons of recs of fun things to do in the city while I was there!



Highlighted review:

I spent a month in Buenos Aires and was lucky enough to find this language school. Classes are held in a really cool building in Palermo Buenos Aires, in a great/ safe neighborhood. The teachers were very well prepared and passionate about teaching. Emilia was wonderful and I enjoyed working with her.The schedule was flexible and convenient. Classes are small and personalized. I am a teacher and I was so impressed with the instructors, their teaching materials and style. 

I will definitely recommend them and take classes again when I return .



Highlighted Review:

Awesome school.  I studied Spanish with Lucia online and I really improved my Spanish this summer.  She is very flexible and have great energy and personality!  I highly recommend her if you would like to improve your Spanish



Highlighted Review:

Julian is amazing teacher – really makes sure you understand every topic before moving on and makes lessons loads of fun, so you don’t feel frustrated in a difficult section but more motivated to get it right. I away with such improvements to my Spanish.

I’d highly recommend!



Revisión destacada

Estuve en Buenos Aires durante 3 meses el año pasado y tuve lecciones privadas durante ese tiempo. Los adjetivos que se me ocurren espontáneamente son: Competente, amable, positivo, comprometido, de mente abierta, digno de confianza y confiable.

He aprendido mucho de ellos, no solo el idioma, sino también las costumbres de los porteños / argentinos.

Las lecciones siempre fueron entretenidas, así que siempre lo esperaba con ansias. ¡Puedo recomendar Wanderlust ansolut!