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Hello! Would you like to learn how to name The Colors in Spanish? So, keep reading this post and find out a good way to remember them!

Firstly, as you know, the gender of the words in Spanish it’s a thing, so, let’s start with the gender of the word “Color”. The word “color” is a masculine word. So, if you want to refer to a color, as saying “the red color”, you have to say “el color rojo”. Then, you need to know that some colors have a feminine and a masculine form, but some colors not. We will look at this one by one. Let’s get started!

¡Esta manzana es roja!

So, as you can see “rojo” is the name for “red”. But what if the noun, as Manzana (apple) is a feminine word? So, you have to match the adjective (roja) with the noun (manzana). A good way to remember colors is by thinking about some categories like fruits, vegetables, flags, whatever works better for you!

¡Esta manzana es verde!

As you can see, “verde” doesn’t change by gender! So, for example: “Este libro es verde” (libro is a masculine word) but “Esta manzana es verde” as well!

¡Este limón es amarillo!

Amarillo has a masculine and a feminine form. For example “Esta banana es amarilla”.

Ways to remember The Colors in Spanish

If you think about the Sky, you would say “The Sky is blue”, right? Okay, now think in Spanish! “El cielo es azul“. But, what if the day is so clear that the color is lighter than blue? AKA light blue? So, in Spanish, we have another word to say that color-scheme. And that word is “Celeste”. Yes, it’s also a name!

All these colors are also names in Spanish: Blanca (feminine version of Blanco = White), Violeta (there’s no “Violeto”, so even if the noun is masculine the color will be Violeta), Azul (also, just one word with both genders) and Rosa (means Pink and this is also just one word for both genders).

We have a few more left: Negro / Negra means Black, Marrón means Brown, Gris means Gray and Naranja means Orange!

Okay, that was all for today! We hope you have learned something useful! Remember, we are Wanderlust Spanish and you can have a trial class with a Native Teacher from Latin America! Contact us today!

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