Vegan Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Vegan Restaurants in Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires is a multicultural city. When you arrive here, you’ll see many parrillas (steak house) but also (and increasingly) plenty of options that do not include, necessarily, meat. In line with a new perspective about climate change and the Antispeciesist cause, in Argentina vegan options are increasing. That’s why these days you can find many Vegan Restaurants in Buenos Aires. Let’s some of them!

Vegan Restaurants in Buenos Aires

One of the most famous Vegan Restaurants in Buenos Aires is Sacro. Sacro’s aesthetics is clearly eye-catching. If you dive into the menu, you’ll see a photo of an activated charcoal empanada (the typical empanada but in black color!). That’s the starter and says a lot about the sophistication of the restaurant. All the menu is plant-based and mushroom-based. Besides the food, you can also enjoy a great bar with the best cocktails!

Naturaleza Sabia is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant located in the beautiful neighborhood of San Telmo, the old part of the city. It’s also suitable for celiacs. This place has a super good-vibe and relaxed environment. While Sacro is a high-class restaurant, in this place you will feel more at home. The menu is kinda classic but with the vegetarian and vegan touch! You can also drink organic wine.

Vegan Restaurants in Buenos Aires
Vegan Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Mudrá plant-based is a beautiful restaurant located on a rooftop. Matthew Kenney works as a consultant. He’s internationally recognized, so it’s foreseeable the restaurant is an excellent choice. The meals that the menu offers are in accordance with the proposal of the place, linked to the Hindu philosophy, so it is possible to eat your dishes with your hands, without using utensils. It is a very healthy option that tries to show that another way of eating is possible.


As we said at the beginning of this post, Argentina is a very meat country, we are famous for our parrillas, asados, and steaks. So, if you want to mix the flavor of vegan food with the smoky of a barbecue, here you have the first vegan BBQ, the new trend of Buenos Aires.

La Reverde Parrillita Vegana is a takeaway option for those who want to mix the tradition with the trend. Everything you can eat here looks like meat but is actually seitan. It’s a very interesting option for those who have eyes bigger than their bellies. You can try dishes like “milanesa napolitana”; “entraña” or “empanadas”.

I’m sure you’re hungry now! Go grab some food, but first, remember you can claim your trial lesson with us. Just contact us and book it!

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