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Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

 The Spanish course you need to speak like a pro.

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We have four different plans to meet your needs, all of which allow you to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

5 Spanish Podcasts for Beginners

The best Spanish school in Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires with an alternative Spanish school with the same quality of learning.

We know there are plenty of Spanish schools in Buenos Aires to choose from. With the traditional method of learning, students stare at a blackboard while the teacher delivers the lesson.

At Wanderlust Spanish, we teach in a different way. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable with the basics of the language and also for you to learn the many uses of the words along with the typical expressions of this city.

Wanderlust Spanish school instills knowledge in students from the Buenos Aires area and beyond. We believe that the perfect Spanish coursebook doesn’t exist, as everyone and every group has their own needs, strengths, weaknesses… and we value this diversity.

We don´t just teach standard Spanish. We want to impart our Rioplatense Spanish in every sense. Not only our language but also our customs, music, history, culture and way of living. For that reason, we believe a relaxing environment is crucial for you to have a successful learning experience. Wanderlust is the best Spanish school in Buenos Aires!

Let´s discover the magic of this language together!


All Spanish Courses Include



In tango lessons



 Help with the Orginazation of trips to South America


Film & Debate

Film Screening and Debate Once a Week

Trust your Spanish level

You will learn basic vocabulary related to things like: food, the weather, clothing, body parts, parts of a house. You will learn to give simple descriptions of your environment and people in it, to talk about dates and time, your hobbies and routines, make comparisons, and express your short-term plans. You will also learn simple idiomatic expressions in Spanish.

In this course, you will learn to talk about potential plans and established, long-term future plans, to express wishes, to give advice and orders, to make requests, to express what someone else said in the past, and you will continue to perfect the use of adjectives and the verbs ‘ser’ and ‘estar.’

In this course, you will learn to express your opinions regarding possible events in the past and the future, how to use the verbs of change (e.g., “she got old”, “he became an alcoholic”, “the carriage turned into a pumpkin”.) You will also learn to make excuses, indirectly express what another person said, compare two different ideas, and improve your ability to discuss hypothetical situations.

You will learn to express lengths of time using the past, a large set of prepositions to connect your ideas, to tell an anecdote and discuss experiences from the past, to improve the use of the verbs ‘ser’ and ‘estar’ and to incorporate the use of pronouns comfortably.

In this course, you will learn to express doubts, fears, possibilities, opinions and all kinds of emotions. You will deepen the knowledge of colloquial expressions and learn to use conditionals to discuss hypothetical situations.

In this course you will learn how to use more formal Spanish, with an emphasis on correct punctuation. You will improve the use of pronouns "se" and prepositions. You may choose to do an “independent study” on a topic of your choosing with the guidance of one of our teachers, studying literature, philosophy, or a topic that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have three modalities for group lessons: Intensive (20 hr/week), Semi-Intensive (10 hr/week) and Chill-Course (9hr/week on three different days). It really depends on how fast you want to learn and also how much time do you have after classes to study and do your homework. We will guide you in the process of choosing the best option for you.

That’s a piece of cake. Just sign up and test your skills to find out your level. In addition, we will have a previous appointment to test your speaking level.

All our teachers have years of experience teaching Spanish and they also have degrees in Language and Literature in different Universities in Argentina.

The classes are based on the 4 competencies you will need to gain confidence with Spanish. Those 4 competencies are: writing, reading, listening and speaking. To achieve the best development in each one, we will work with: movies, books, role plays, debates, newspaper articles, podcasts, songs. The important thing is we adapt the contents to the interest of our groups. So you’ll be able to practice with topics that matter to you, and that way the learning will be more fluent.

Our average of students per class is 5. We don’t have bigger groups, to ensure the quick development of learning.

We will provide you the materials. You just need something to write things down (like a notebook or a laptop).

The intensive group is 4 hours per day, every weekday. The semi-intensive is 2 hours per day, every weekday. And the chill course is 3 hours per day, Mon-Wed-Fri.

Wanderlust is not just a Spanish School in Buenos Aires but also a community where you can find people to have a real immersion experience in the city. The classes don’t end when the clock sounds because we also have encounters and interactions during the whole week. We created this school with our heart, to provide you a comfortable place to stay and people to trust in. 

We put an extra emphasis on combining the learning of Spanish Grammar with the culture of the city and of Latin America. We believe this is the only way to learn any language: by getting to know the culture and their points of view through language.


Intensive Course

20 hours weekly
$ 199 Weekly
  • Every day (morning and afternoon)
  • Grammar & Conversation
  • Culture

Semi-Intensive Course

10 hours weekly
$ 119 Weekly
  • Every day (morning and afternoon)
  • Grammar & Conversation
  • Culture

Chill Course

9 hours weekly
$ 109 Weekly
  • 3 times a week
  • Grammar & Conversation
  • Culture

Private lessons

$ 17 Started at
  • You can use whenever
  • Grammar & Conversation
  • Culture
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