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The Best Spanish School in Buenos aires

An alternative Spanish school in Buenos Aires, with the same quality of learning.

We know there are plenty of Spanish schools in Buenos Aires to choose from. With the traditional method of learning, students stare at a blackboard while the teacher delivers the lesson.

At Wanderlust Spanish, we teach in a different way. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable with the basics of the language and also for you to learn the many uses of the words along with the typical expressions of this city.

Wanderlust Spanish school instills knowledge in students from the Buenos Aires area and beyond. We believe that the perfect Spanish coursebook doesn’t exist, as everyone and every group has their own needs, strengths, weaknesses… and we value this diversity.

We don´t just teach standard Spanish. We want to impart our Rioplatense Spanish in every sense. Not only our language but also our customs, music, history, culture and way of living. For that reason, we believe a relaxing environment is crucial for you to have a successful learning experience. Wanderlust is the best Spanish school in Buenos Aires!

Let´s discover the magic of this language together!

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2 to 4 weeks – 5% off (105 USD per week)

5 or more weeks – 10%off: (99 USD per week)

Our teaching profile is designed specifically for companies and very flexible to the needs of the students. Our teachers will go to the company to give the class to the employees and we will adapt to the schedules that they need

  • The history of football in Argentina
  • An introduction to Argentine Literature
  • Queer theory in Latin America
  • Latin America music (we are not only Reggaeton)

What you will learn with our
Spanish Lessons

Level A1

This course is intended for those who do not have previous knowledge of the Spanish language. Through the modules, you will learn vocabulary related to: food, the weather, clothing, body parts, parts of a house, simple descriptions of the city, family members, simple descriptions of people you know, express the time and date, talk about your hobbies and routines, make comparisons, and express your short-term plans. You will also learn simple idiomatic expressions in Spanish. In this course you’ll learn the present tense, the present continuous, the future with going to and just a little bit of a simple past.

Level A2

Brilliant! You have already lost the fear of speaking Spanish, now we are going to learn new verb tenses to continue learning the magic of the language! This course is intended for those who already have a prior knowledge of Spanish, who can speak in the present tense. You will learn to express the length of time using the past, a large set of prepositions to connect your ideas, tell an anecdote and experiences from the past, improve the use of verbs ser and estar and incorporate the use of pronouns comfortably and how would make a native speaker. In this course you will learn the simple past, the imperfect tense, the present perfect and the past perfect.

Level B1

You already know enough, but you need a little more to be able to speak Spanish calmly in your daily life. Go for it! This course is intended for those students who can already use past tenses comfortably. In this course you will learn to express potential plans, wishes, long-term future plans, give advice, give orders, make requests, express what someone else said in the past, and perfect the use of adjectives and verbs to be and to be. In this course you will see the simple future, the simple conditional and the imperative mode.

Level B2

You finally made it! You arrived at the dreaded Modo Subjunctive. Don't panic! It is one of the most interesting parts of the language. So, this course is intended for those students who can already speak Spanish in their daily life. In this course you will learn to express doubts, fears, possibilities, opinions and all kinds of emotions. You will deepen the knowledge of colloquial expressions and conditional, hypothetical and unreal sentences. In this course you will see three tenses of the Modo subjunctive: present, imperfect and pluperfect. You will also see the conditional perfect.

Level C1

Ok, expert sir / madam! We are going to know the last verb tense of the subjunctive that we have left and to add more to this trip. In this course you will learn to express your opinions regarding possible events in the past and the future. You will learn how to use the verbs of change (the English become, get, turns), make excuses, indirectly express what another person said, compare two different ideas and express more hypothetical actions. In this course you will learn the perfect past tense of the subjunctive and the future perfect.

Level C2

You are a Spanish professional! Let's polish your Spanish. This course is aimed at those students who already have very deep knowledge of Spanish grammar and have some doubts. In this course you will learn how to formally address in Spanish, using punctuation and accentuation correctly. You will improve the use of pronouns "se" and prepositions.
We will do a great review of all the verb tenses and we will cry when you finish the course. 

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