Our Mission

Our mission is to create a foreign community in Buenos Aires that can connect with culture through Spanish language.
We do not like the typical teaching of desk and blackboard, teacher explaining, and student listening.
We want something more. 

Founding Story

When we started this project, we thought about what profile we wanted to give Wanderlust. And the answer we found was:  flexibility. So we think of the school based on that concept.
Wanderlust is a place where you can come and feel at home: a house where there is no rigidity but a lot of interest in learning at a personalized pace. And where students can feel heard about their needs. More flexible with schedules, with the chance to change teachers if they want to try a new teaching method. And so we built ourselves based on that premise.
We started by renting classrooms in lovely places until we got the beautiful house we now have in Palermo. Every time we try to add more Wanderlust experiences, your learning complements with activities in the city and interaction with the rest of the students. All this with the aim that you learn (and love!) Spanish, in a fun and dynamic way!



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