Our Mission

Our mission is to create a foreign community in Buenos Aires that can connect with culture through Spanish language.
We do not like the typical teaching of desk and blackboard, teacher explaining, and student listening.
We want something more. 

Our mission

Wanderlust Spanish’s mission is to empower individuals to become proficient Spanish speakers and culturally aware global citizens. By fostering an inclusive, supportive, and engaging learning environment, we strive to create a community that embraces diversity and celebrates the beauty of language and culture. Together, we embark on a journey of wanderlust, discovering the world through the lens of Spanish..

At Wanderlust Spanish, we continuously enhance your learning journey by incorporating exciting Wanderlust experiences that complement your language education. These experiences include engaging activities within the city and opportunities to interact with fellow students. Our ultimate goal is to make your Spanish learning experience not only effective but also enjoyable and dynamic. We want you to fall in love with the language as you embark on this fun-filled adventure!




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