Learn fast, travel far. 

Learn Spanish and connect with Latin American culture with us.

We make learning Spanish, living in nature, and learning about different cultures easy for you with our 15 days long immersion Spanish program that will change the way you travel forever and make you fall in love with the Spanish language and Argentina.

apprendre l'espagnol en Buenos Aires

Learn hard, Travel far.

Improve your Spanish while you travelling

If you are a travel enthusiast, free soul and linguaphile, then you are in for a treat as with our exclusive program, we will give you an exciting mixture of all, so you get the best of all worlds.

We give you a once in a lifetime experience with our 15-day-long program that will allow you to learn Spanish from highly skilled Spanish teachers, travel around Argentina, learn about different cultures and spend some time in nature.

Learn hard, Travel far.

Different learning experience

During our immersive program, you will be learning Spanish from the best teachers in South America, which will make learning the Spanish language easy for you as they will teach you at your pace and help you gain and retain maximum linguistic knowledge regarding Spanish in the span of just 15 days.

Learn hard, Travel far.

What's included

Who knew four easy items could change the way you live, work,
connect and explore?


Say goodbye to all your accommodation problems with our exclusive program. We will handle it all for you so you can enjoy your time in Argentina to the max and experience the Latin American life you always wanted to live.

Spanish program

Our immersive program would have been incomplete without including the thing that makes Wanderlusts Spanish what it is now, our Spanish course. You will learn Spanish from a highly skilled Spanish teacher in those 15 days to make your experience more exciting and memorable.


We make your stay in Argentina more comfortable by taking facilitators on board who will help you at every step and stage so you can experience utmost peace and ease during those 15 days.

Extra activities

Our travelling activities are the most exciting part of our program. We have arranged some exhilarating travelling activities for you that will allow you to spend time in nature, experience cultures, and make your stay unforgettable.

Our Trips

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