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Learn Spanish in Bariloche, Argentina.

Connect and learn in the Patagonian mountains in an unforgettable Spanish program

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Bariloche Highlights

Just a few reasons you will fall for this Spanish program. 

things to do in buenos aires non touristic

Stunning view, even if you are not a hiker.

Luckily, Bariloche and its surroundings are a great place to enjoy Andes Mountains. 

OH, you are going to eat.

If you’ve ever had a fantasy about living inside a chocolate factory, then you’ll love Bariloche. Strolling through its main streets, the smell of melted chocolate will literally call your name.

Ski destination

Did you know that Bariloche is one of the most popular ski destinations in South America? Surprising, huh?



What's included

Discover everything you have included in this Spanish program


Say goodbye to all your accommodation problems with our exclusive program. We will handle it all for you so you can enjoy your time in Argentina to the max and experience the Latin American life you always wanted to live.

Spanish program

Our immersive program would have been incomplete without including the thing that makes Wanderlusts Spanish what it is now, our Spanish course. You will learn Spanish from a highly skilled Spanish teacher in those 15 days to make your experience more exciting and memorable.


Our travelling activities are the most exciting part of our program. We have arranged some exhilarating travelling activities for you that will allow you to spend time in nature, experience cultures, and make your stay unforgettable.

Extra Spanish practice

The most important thing about our program is that you will practice Spanish all day, and we won’t let you speak English! You will return home with Spanish in your body.

Caring Staff

We make your stay in Argentina more comfortable by taking facilitators on board who will help you at every step and stage so you can experience utmost peace and ease during those 15 days.

Supportive Commuity

A community of travelers like you will be waiting for you to be part of an unforgettable experience


Bariloche Spanish program


/ 2 weeks


Bariloche Pricing


Two weeks

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We wanted to give people a totally different learning experience by combining top-quality teaching with travelling.

All teachers have degrees in Language and Literature and have taught Spanish for years.

We have included accommodation, a facilitator, a Spanish course and travelling activities in this program.

This program will be a quick and impactful introduction to Spanish and will give you maximum knowledge in 15 days, but if you want to improve your skills further and learn more, you can join our other programs later.

We are a Spanish school based in Buenos Aires, and also we offer courses in different provinces of Argentina as a itinerant school. 

The classes are based on the 4 competencies you will need to gain confidence with Spanish. Those 4 competencies are: writing, reading, listening and speaking. To achieve the best development in each one, we will work with: movies, books, role plays, debates, newspaper articles, podcasts, songs. The important thing is we adapt the contents to the interest of our groups. So you’ll be able to practice with topics that matter to you, and that way the learning will be more fluent.

That’s a piece of cake. Just sign up and test your skills to find out your level. In addition, we will have a previous appointment to test your speaking level.

You should choose us because we are experts in what we do. Our more than 7 years of experience, 1500 students across the globe and more than 3000 Spanish classes are the biggest proof of that.