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Benefits of Our Spanish program

Just a few reasons you will fall for this Spanish program

Learn fast in nature and with an academic program

We have created something that will help you learn your favourite language while doing exciting activities and making countless memories.

Different learning experience

Our Spanish program will give you a totally different learning experience, something that you have never experienced before. Usually, learning is limited to physical and online classes where books and screens are your best friends, but we have ditched this traditional approach. 

Perfect getaway and a great intro to Argentina

So whether you are looking for an exciting getaway from your mundane life and want to go to Argentina for a little vacation, or you are moving or have just moved to Argentina and don’t know how to start your new life. Our program is perfect for you as it will introduce you to all the exciting things in Argentina and is a perfect getaway from your normal life.

Learning Spanish from the best teachers

During our immersive program, you will be learning Spanish from the best teachers in South America, which will make learning the Spanish language easy for you as they will teach you at your pace and help you gain and retain maximum linguistic knowledge regarding Spanish in the span of just 15 days.

Caring Staff

We make your stay in Argentina more comfortable by taking facilitators on board who will help you at every step and stage so you can experience utmost peace and ease during those 15 days.

Supportive Commuity

A community of travelers like you will be waiting for you to be part of an unforgettable experience

Learn hard, Travel far.

What's you will learn

Who knew four easy items could change the way you travel and learn?









All levels are welcome

Spanish levels

A1 is a basic user level (introductory or discovery level).

This means that you have the following capabilities:

  • Understand and use familiar and everyday expressions and very simple statements that are intended to meet concrete needs
  • Knowing how to introduce yourself or someone
  • To be able to ask questions about a person and answer the same type of questions
  • Communicate in a simple manner if the person speaking is slow and distinct and cooperative

A2 is a basic user level (intermediate or usual).

This means that you have the following capabilities:

  • Understanding single phrases and frequently used expressions in relation to areas of the everyday environment (e.g. simple personal and family information, shopping, work)
  • To be able to communicate in simple and usual tasks requiring only a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and usual subjects
  • Be able to describe with simple means his training, his immediate environment and to discuss topics that correspond to immediate needs

B1 is an independent user level (threshold level).

This means that you have the following capabilities:

  • Understand the essentials of a discussion when clear, standard language is used and if it is familiar things at work, school, leisure, etc.
  • Be self-sufficient in most travel situations in a region where the target language is spoken
  • To be able to produce a simple and coherent discourse on familiar subjects and in areas of interest
  • Know how to tell an event, an experience or a dream, describe a hope or a goal and briefly explain or explain a project or idea

B2 is an independent user level (advanced or independent)

This means that you have the following capabilities:

  • Understand the essential content of concrete or abstract topics in complex text, including technical discussion in its speciality
  • Communicate spontaneously and easily with a native speaker
  • Speak clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics, express an opinion on a topical topic and expose the pros and cons of different possibilities

C1 corresponds to an experienced user level (standalone level).

This means that you have the following capabilities:

  • Understand long and demanding texts and capture implied meanings
  • Speaking spontaneously and fluently without having to look for words
  • Use language effectively and flexibly in social, professional or academic life
  • To express oneself on complex subjects in a clear and well-structured way and to demonstrate its control over the linguistic tools of organisation, articulation and cohesion of discourse

C2 corresponds to an experienced user level (master level).

This means that you have the following capabilities:

  • Understand virtually everything read or heard effortlessly
  • To be able to render facts and arguments from various written and oral sources in a coherent manner
  • Express itself spontaneously, very fluently, accurately and make distinct fine nuances of meaning in relation to complex subjects

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