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You will have a qualified and native teacher from our school to guide you in all your lessons. If you are not happy with her or him, you can change them any time


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A coordinator from the school will be there just for you to organise your lessons at the time you want them and clear all the doubts you may have.

Free conversation classes and Spanish Guides

We have conversation groups you can join to practice your Spanish with other students guided by one of our teachers, and also Spanish Guides to study.

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Based on 81 reviews

Chris Tran
Chris Tran
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I’m so happy I found Wanderlust. I was staying in Palermo Soho for a month and the school was just a short walk away. Getting put into a class was super fast and prices were very reasonable. The staff are incredibly friendly. My teacher, Mica, was an amazing all round teacher. She knew exactly how much grammar practice and speaking practice I needed and adjusted accordingly. It was super helpful. I signed up for the 20 hours and ended up doing a few more. Highly recommend it.
Egle Grigonyte
Egle Grigonyte
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Wow, we took classes for 2.5 months so far and it was a great experience!! Big thanks to the most amazing teacher Tatiana, we appreciate so much the creative and engaging ways of learning that you offered 🙂
Xenofilius Lunekjær
Xenofilius Lunekjær
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An amazing start to my Spanish speaking journey. Had two months of private lessons and it was an informal and effective approach. The staff are great humans!
Nancy Vendley
Nancy Vendley
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The group Spanish classes were the best - even if you're a beginner. It was fun to speak in a positive setting with others. We had fun and went out for coffee a couple times after class as well - 2 Americans, 2 Italians & 1 German. We even went to dinner with one of the couples. This experience gave me confidence and made the world appear to be smaller. Highly recommend this! - American who's almost retired. 🙂
Matt Gonda
Matt Gonda
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May family of 5 spent a little over three weeks in classes. It was a great way to not only learn everyday phrases, but meet other folks traveling to Buenos Aires, learn about the culture of the city, and get a good foundational understanding of Argentinian Spanish. They were able to get us into separate classes based on our family members' knowledge of Spanish and did a good job of pushing us to learn. Pricing is very fair and in line with other schools in the area.

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spanish lessons online

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spanish lessons online

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spanish lessons online

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Latin America

Although there is a lot in common amongst the “Spanishes” spoken in different countries, regional “Spanishes” can differ in terms of common vocabulary (think ‘elevator’ or ‘lift’), accent, sayings, and more, giving each dialect a distinct flavor and identity.

We’re excited to bring you a wide range of options for learning Spanish!


That’s a piece of cake. Just sign up and test your skills to find out your level. In addition, we will have a previous appointment to test your speaking level.

All our teachers have years of experience teaching Spanish and they also have degrees in Language and Literature in different Universities in Latin American.

The classes are based on the 4 competencies you will need to gain confidence with Spanish. Those 4 competencies are: writing, reading, listening and speaking. To achieve the best development in each one, we will work with: movies, books, role plays, debates, newspaper articles, podcasts, songs. The important thing is we adapt the contents to the interest of our groups. So you’ll be able to practice with topics that matter to you, and that way the learning will be more fluent.

Learning any language is a long process and spanish is not the exception. We are not going to lie saying that you will speak fluently within a month, but we can confirm that you will enjoy the process of learning with us and before you know it you will be speaking spanish like a local!

Along with the lessons, you will have access to all our material to complement with your learning process. We have a Youtube Channel with educational videos, guides with exercises to practice, guides with recommendations about your travel to Latin America, and you can be part of the Wander Classroom to clear all your doubts with native teachers available for you.

You can choose either. If you want a teacher just for you, you may take one of our packages to take individual lessons but if you are interested in group lessons, we have different options according to your level and availability.

Yes, we also have a Latin American Literature workshop for advanced students where we study different authors and topics that surround Latin America History and Culture through Literature.

In Wanderlust you will have a teacher that will go along with you through the learning process. That means that you will receive personalised lessons focused on what you find more interesting. You will learn not only general Spanish grammar but also Latin American Culture and all the variations of this beautiful language.

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Wanderlust’s mission is to make high quality Spanish tutoring accesible to all, regardless of physical location socio-economic status.