How Is The Argentinian Accent (Especially In Buenos Aires)

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When taking Spanish lessons, you will notice that the Argentinian accent is unique. This is why mastering the accent may seem difficult to you. However, you should not worry much if you are willing to put in the effort to speak Argentinian Spanish like a local.

If you want to understand what the Argentinian accent is, you’re in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about learning Argentinian Spanish and mastering the native accent.

Understanding Argentinian Spanish


Argentinian Spanish began as the Andalusian Spanish form, which is the typical Spanish that most people speak in other countries. However, the language has undergone various changes in Argentina. This is why it is difficult for other Spanish locals to speak the language the same way in Buenos Aires.

The language has blended with the guarani language that is spoken by regional natives. Italian culture has also influenced Argentinian Spanish. So you should not expect the accent and different words to be spoken in the same ways as standard Spanish.

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How To Describe The Argentinian Accent?

Learning about Argentinian culture will help you notice that the accent involves many shushing sounds. However, the soft sounds are not produced by the use of “SH” in Argentinian Spanish. In fact, these letters are rarely used in the language.

The primary reason behind such sounds is the use of Y or LL in the language. So you should replace the “SH” letters with these alphabets for speaking Spanish with a true Argentinian accent.

Example Sentence: ¡Esha me shamo sha!

How It Is Spoken In Argentinian Accent: ¡Ella me llamó ya!  

This phrase means “she called me already” in Argentinian Spanish. The primary way to learn the accent is by focusing on the sentences of the natives. There are many forms of the same accent in the country because of regional differences.

The Syllables Are Used Strongly

Another key thing about the Argentinian accent is that you should use the syllables with some force. The different orders must fall strong for the person to understand your language and follow your command. Typically, the force drop occurs in the syllable that comes before the last one.

The only way to learn how to use syllables correctly is by speaking with the locals. Many of them are friendly in Buenos Aires and may help you learn the language by teaching you slang words. Such phrases are important when mastering the Argentinian accent.

There Is No Tu In Argentinian Spanish

Many people who speak standard Spanish use “tu (you)” as an informal way of addressing a second person. The unique thing about the Argentinian accent is that you will not hear this word. People in Buenos Aires and other regions mainly use “vos” to refer to a second person.

However, you must consider “vos” to be uniquely spoken only in Argentina. People in Colombia and a few parts of Central America also use it to address others with respect. Of course, the Argentinians do not use it to respect others.

Instead, people in Argentina use “vos” during casual situations. Some people also use it in intimate settings.

Tips For Mastering The Argentinian Accent

Here are some tips that will help you master the Argentinian Accent:

  1. Take Lessons From A Native Speaker

Whether you take Spanish lessons from an academy or online tutors, be sure to learn from a native speaker. This is because you can observe their accent easily to understand how Argentinians speak. A non-native speaker may teach you the language and its grammar correctly, but you may still not be fluent.

This is because the Argentinian accent can change the sounds of many words. So you may get confused when hearing the same language from natives and non-natives.

  1. Practice Your Speech

Practicing your speech is also necessary to master the Argentinian accent. You should speak to locals in every situation for a better experience. For instance, use Spanish when shopping from grocery stores in Argentina.

The key to mastering the accent is not being ashamed of your amateur way of speaking. You will only improve once you speak the language more often and communicate with the locals. Some people may also offer effective tips for improving your pronunciation.

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Wanderlust was my second home during my 5 months living in Buenos Aires. I got to know Argentina through this amazing school and experiences while studying with my professor, Vicky.

- Rich